Our story

 A L E X A N D R E   M I E L

is inspired by the famous principle

“fashion passes but style stays.”

The brand represents a limited edition of apparel and accessories that are trans-seasonal, easy to wear and carry.

Representing the “upscale, cosmopolitan” women who identifies with the brand, wherein, what they see is not their age but more lifestyle, values, mindset, travel and exploring.

Opulent creations are part of the design and the apparel is perfectly balanced with whimsical accessories.
The essence is to find a place in the wardrobe where each garment has its time and opportunity.

To describe a few:
Comfort for the beach, transparent for the evening, or refined for tea.
Fine sandals under an evening gown, a special accessory on a little beach tunic.

The feel of refined satin under a “day dress” worn on pants with a “quick draw”.

With a simple approach to the finest of materials: the silk, cotton, and the refined laces with vintage inspirations, the brand aspires to make a place in the heart for all ages.

Coming together of different cultures, inspirations, and craftsmanship in the fabrication make the garments unique.

All the garments are handcrafted and ethically produced in Bali, Indonesia, with all embroideries and applications done in-house.